Magnetic inductive flow sensors with flange connection / Metal version

Type induQ VMM

  • Magnetic inductive flow sensor for large nominal diameters DN15...200
  • no mechanical wear
  • robust industrial design
  • simple menu-driven operation / programming via display
  • supplied with SIKA works calibration certificate

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The magnetic inductive flow sensors induQ® of the VMM series are very precise measuring devices for electrically conductive liquids. Due to their robust design, they are also suitable for harsher ambient conditions.

The magnetic inductive flow sensors of the VMM series from SIKA are used in the following areas, among others:

• water and waste water

• mining, cement and minerals

• pulp and paper industry

• steel industry

• energy industry and utilities

• agriculture

The intelligent flow sensors of the induQ® series work according to the induction principle: the measuring pipe is surrounded by a magnetic field (B). If an electrically conductive medium with the flow rate to be determined (Q) flows through the measuring pipe and thus enters the magnetic field at a right angle, a charge (U) is induced into the medium which is proportionate to the mean flow velocity and tapped by two electrodes. For an output signal which is proportionate to the flow rate, there are two versions available:

• frequency output signal

• analogue and frequency output signal

The pulse rate can be configured at the factory depending on the type.

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