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Measure flow

The need for flow measurement can have several reasons: Process reliability, consistent product quality, environmental protection - to name just a few reasons. Therefore, industrial flow measurement will become more and more important in the future. A large number of different measuring principles are available for this purpose, such as impeller sensors in turbines, magnetic inductive, vortex, oval gear, gearwheel or electronic flow sensors.

We are your competent partner in flow measurement technology.

Flow switch plastic VK3 connection cable pipe tee black cable

Flow switches

The comprehensive modular principle of SIKA flow switches offers you the optimum flow switch for your system or process. Depending on the load, you can select the right flow switch for your application from a variety of high-quality metal or cost-optimised plastic designs.

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Vortex flow sensor VVX20 LF

Vortex flow sensors

SIKA Vortex flow sensors are subject to almost no mechanical wear due to their principle. Made of sturdy, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or in the robust metal version: SIKA Vortex flow sensors impress with their wide measuring span, high interference resistance, durability and excellent price/performance ratio.

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Magnetic inductive flow sensor VMI 07

Magnetic inductive flow sensors

Magnetic-inductive flow sensors have proven themselves for many years in a variety of different applications. Whether robust industrial version or cost-optimised OEM version: SIKA MIDs are fast-responding, are not subject to mechanical wear and are very flexible in installation.

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Turbine flow sensor VTY20

Turbine flow sensors

Turbine flow sensors are used for volume flow measurement or for dosing tasks with water and water mixtures. Due to their particularly compact design, their very wide measuring range and their convincing measuring accuracy, there are almost unlimited application possibilities.

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Positive displacement flow sensor VZ VA-S

Positive displacement flow sensors

The high-precision positive displacement flow sensors work according to the displacement principle. The high resolution combined with reliable measuring accuracy make the transducers particularly interesting for applications measuring small and very small volumes.

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Oval gear flow meter VO thread

Oval gear flow meter

SIKA oval gear flow meters are displacement volume meters for measuring low-viscosity media. The robust housings are made of stainless steel or aluminium and are also available as high-temperature versions up to 125°C.

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Calorimetric flow switch VE-S

Calorimetric flow monitors

With the VE calorimetric flow monitor, liquid media can be monitored for falling below a predefined flow rate. This can be adapted to the conditions on site. It is also characterised by its robust design, uncomplicated operation and high reliability.

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Flow regulator

Flow regulators

SIKA flow limiters were developed to keep the flow of water-like media constant at a certain value. They ensure that this flow rate value is kept constant or not exceeded even with fluctuating pressures.

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Level switch VHS00

Level switches

The SIKA level switches are the simple and reliable solution for monitoring liquid levels. The proven float principle and a potential-free contact as a signal transmitter offer high functional reliability.

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